Saturday, March 26, 2011

Great week

What a great week this has been. Not only did my boob man remove my drain on Monday, which meant that I got to take my very first post-surgery shower on Wednesday morning, but on Friday I even had my stitches out. I am healing nicely! Better yet, on Thursday I went to the butcher for my post-surgery appointment with him and received a copy of the final pathology report. I am very happy to report that there was no evidence of malignancy evident in e removed tissue. Yay!!!

Thus the only real complications so far came in the form of terribly itchy little bumps that appeared first on my left foob, near the burn mark from an electrocautery knife that miraculously appeared after the surgery, then around the former drain site, and finally around the actual scar. The boob man's PA initially thought it was a fungal infection brought on by bacitracin, but I noticed that those bumps appeared a while after they would put one of those fancy new non-stick gauze pads on me with this new, clear tape. So now it looks as though I am allergic titular newfangled pad things. Go figure, yet another allergy. Moisturizer, e occasional application of a topical antihistamine, and careful avoidance of the possible sources of this allergy have much improved the situation from angry red to flesh color.

Another little issue arose around the center of my nipple (sorry if this is TMI, just skip the rest of this paragraph...) which apparently isn't getting enough blood. So it has necrotized/scabbed over, and apparently will fall off. While this has me feeling slightly alarmed, I have been able to control my anxiety until I see the final result. Overall, though, I am happy with the relative symmetry and general appearance of my boob man's handiwork. As of right now, my right foob still looks like it has approximately 100 ml more volume than my left one, but the surgeon assures me that this is due to residual swelling that ought to subside soon.

Today is the first day that I have been off my hard-won prescription painkillers. Yippee! Only over the counter stuff is needed at this point. It's nice not to be 'doped up' any more... I never could understand the supposed thrill of those pills. I never did like them, except for the fact that they take away the pain. If it weren't for that, I wouldn't even consider taking them. So why are those docs so worried I might actually get addicted to those pills? It's not like I ever showed any signs of addiction during my seven previous surgeries.

Well, anyway. I am very happy to report that this time around, recovery is much easier for me than it was the first time. this has been a great week for me as I have healed an regained quite a bit of strength, range of motion, and stamina. I have been out with my mom several times, met some work obligations, and spent some quality time with my mom. What a great week... Hope yours was equally good!


Lorrie Atkinson said...

Congrat's sound like great news. I think I also maybe allegric to the tape or guaze also I got that same rash on my right arm, stomach, right breast and right side. Thought my might be from pain medications. Stop taking me yesterday. Had my surgery on the 23rd. Turned out to be BRCA Negative. So with TBNC, IDC went ahead and had Mapping and lump removed. Got a call from Pathogist report yesterday negative lymphnode and clear margins. I'm so glad your feeling better will keep you and your family in our prayers.

Love Sunny Florida

TNBCAmazon said...

Hi Lorrie,

I am glad to hear that your surgery went well, too! And it's definitely good news to hear that you are BRAC negative, and particularly that the lymph nodes were clear. Congratulations on that.

Too bad you had allergy issues, though, as those can be very pesky and uncomfortable. I hope they are all resolved now, though.

Be well!

Julie said...

Glad all is well with your surgery(and Lorrie's too). Getting the drains removed is such a big relief. Funny how they wouldn't let you shower until 36 hours after the drains were removed, and with me they made me shower before they would let me leave the hospital! Do you need to do any additional chemo or radiation this time? I will defintely being doing chemo but still waiting to hear if I will be doing the radiation. My plastic surgeon is wonderful and very verbal, but my oncologist is not a talker(I hear she is a good Dr. though, thank God!). Hope all is well on the home front and wishing ou a speedy recovery.


MK+ said...

Sahara says "Great job - keep going!!"